WHAT IF series

Art in all forms, that which was, and is, formed by others, and which I create myself, turned out to be the way I could get some answers and gives me possibility of reprogramming my brain. It opens a space of untamed imagination, and gives me a language through which I can communicate with sufficient strength.
Through art, I can even timidly touch the inexpressible. Hence, each and every piece of work I make is a tale which can be read in many different ways. Evry such tale has roots deep in reality and ability to go beyond. Through this work, I try to unlearn what the society and my experience taught me, and start to see with fresh eyes. To achieve this, I go through holiness, ideas, philosophies, taboos both mine and those imposed upon me, and I let them align freely. In ambiguous puzzles, parables arise and I find liberation in them from the conditions of law, time, place and sometime even answers appears.

I use various forms of visual arts, but my favorite way of working is create a picture using a combination of photography, representing the material world, and digital drawing, representing the spiritual aspect of reality. This combination allows me to achieve symbolic fullness. At the same time, I try as much as possible to erase the differences between one technique and another in the eye of the beholder. This is a symbolic way of showing that the perception of reality can be easily clouded. On the other hand, as a main form of narrative, I chose the human body, and my own in particular, because, apart from the very rich symbolism arising from its nakedness, it is a way for me to get to know and challenge myself.

© Weronika Haber