WHAT IF series

Life is harsh and demanding like always but now more then ever. Because of endles possibilities of comunication and education for everyone (at least in my part of the world) everything going extremely fast. It's harder to hide and harder to lie. Our ward speeding, and I want to ran with him like fully aware modern female what I consider to be a necessity in the world of cataclysmic climate and political changes. To do so I need to be wise and fearless.
Various cultures I have encountered or keep encountering, with their different belief systems, art, politics, and economics, have exercised a considerable influence on my life or attracted my interest, promote different, often conflicting, and for me never satisfactory models of life. It is overwhelmingly difficult for me to find myself in all this without experiencing an overpowering feeling of chaos, inadequacy and hopelessness. The constant omnipresent primacy of manhood like we all know, has been built on the concept of the innate differences between women and men, and invent ideological justification for inequality of the sexes - tearing the world apart. As a consequence of such dichotomy, we build civilizations with social structures, religions, values and custom adapted to the needs and conditions of only one gender. This domination has deprived for millennia part the population of the ability to shape our living space that is in line with its needs and principles. Now we all mast suffer consequences and living in crippled reality.

Because of the current changes in modern society (thanks to all wise, courageous women and men) which give human and all nature more rights but also challenge traditions, the experience of living in this situation is extremely demanding. Therefore, it does not give me peace of mind to know, who would I be, if I had been brought up in freedom, and not ravaged by the restrictions of an imposed form? How would life look if forces were balanced, including spiritual ones? Inability to find a satisfactory answer, while at the same time realizing that somewhere there must lie an explanation, is the reason why I started looking for my own path. In order to fully exist, I had to tell and reinvent my own story.

Art, that which was and is formed by others, and which I create myself, turned out to be the way I could get some answers and gives me possibility of reprogramming my brain. It opens a space of untamed imagination, and gives me a language through which I can communicate with sufficient strength. Through art, I can even timidly touch the inexpressible. Hence, each and every piece of work I make is a tale which has roots deep in reality and ability to go beyond. Through work, I try to unlearn what the society and my experience taught me, and start to see with fresh eyes. To achieve this, I go through holiness, ideas, and taboos, both mine and those imposed upon me, and I let them align freely. In ambiguous puzzles, parables arise and I find liberation in them from the conditions of law, time and place.

I use various forms of visual arts, but my favorite way of working is to use a combination of photography, representing the material world, and digital drawing, representing the spiritual aspect of reality. This combination allows me to achieve symbolic fullness. At the same time, I try as much as possible to erase the differences between one technique and another in the eye of the beholder. Only in this way will I fulfill my goal. On the other hand, as a main form of narrative, I chose the human body, and my own in particular, because, apart from the very rich symbolism arising from its nakedness, it is a way for me to get to know and challenge myself.

© Weronika Haber