What if series

The “What If….” series is my attempt to re-examine the canonical image of our culture once again. My deliberate use of original titles directly points to the debatable work of art. All of the contended paintings are of the special importance for me personally, and at the same time have influenced our human collective consciousness and formed our culture. These special works of art I show in a completely different way, possibly the way I wish they would look and shape my conscious. My paintings create an alternative for the world we live in, which is extremely oppressive, particularly for my sex, but also for all weaker creatures on this planet. In my work I do not seek a simple revenge of women over men and I am not trying to contest reality. I want to rewrite it. I wonder in my works, if there can be a world with different pattern of existence, and what the consequences would be.

For example as a little girl, Bible, books about art and pictures of saints, angels, demons were a great joy for me and the source of knowledge about the world. There I have found an enormous number of worlds and symbols, I met pantheon of gods, and ordinary people, wars and the birth. Among them, deeply disturbing images of naked women, surrounded by fully-dressed men, and never opposite. It triggered deep objection and discomfort, and only direct confrontation with this topic, and work for example on my “the breakfast on the grass” allowed me to find peace and showed me possibilities of existence I was not expecting to find.

© Weronika Haber